Would you pack up and move to Mars… Forever?

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The fascination of visiting Mars has a strange pull over us all. However would the benefits of the trip outweigh the risks for you? It wouldn’t be just a visit- ‘Mars One’, a recent ambitious plan to launch a human colony onto Mars is a one way trip and would involve saying goodbye to earth forever. The day to day activities in Mars would include constructing the huge pressurised greenhouses that would eventually be used to grow food to sustain the new population on Mars, and creating comfortable and long term sustainable living quarters for the residence. ‘Mars One’ had in abundance of 78,000 people apply in just two weeks of opening their applications. 

But why would we be so willing to risk our lives and say goodbye to earth and our friends and family FOREVER in a voyage that may or may not be successful? I for one would not be ready to say goodbye to earth… and normal food, sunlight and other humans to name but a few vital things. The main factor that appealed to applicants was to ensure the survival of the human race for eternity, and there really is no cooler job role.

The likelihood of ‘Mars One’ actually taking off however is still in question mainly due to the gigantic price tag- currently estimated at approximately $42billion! That is over £27billion to us. Now it’s extremely unlikely that it will be in our lifetime that this incredible trip takes place, however, if it does and any astronauts need to change their pounds to dollars before the big date be sure that we can provide a rate that is out of this world! 

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