Clinton Vs Trump: Who will Win the Race to the White House?

November 8, 2016 3:09 pm Published by

There are just hours to go before America heads to the polls to choose a new president of the United States!

Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have spent the last few days travelling across the country in a final bid to secure more votes.

Will Celebrity Outsider, Donald Trump, get the Keys to the White House?

Once a Republican outsider; Donald Trump has steadily closed the gap on Clinton’s lead. The recent news that the FBI had reopened its investigation into Hillary’s use of a private email server, did nothing to help her campaign.  The FBI have since cleared Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing which has put her back ahead in recent polls.

Clinton Vs Trump - who will win the race to the White House?

More than 46 million Americans – a record number – have voted early at polling stations or via post.

The Countdown Begins

The results of the election are expected to come in from 04:00 GMT on Wednesday once voting ends on the West Coast. State projections will not be ready until polling ends which in most cases will be between midnight (GMT) and 01:00 (GMT).

Swing States have become a focus for each candidate in the last few days. These are states which often switch between Republican and Democrat in various elections. States such as Virginia, North Carolina and Florida have the power to swing the election and so far neither party has a clear lead in these important states.

US Dollar Rate

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USD to GBP exchange rate

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