How to: Protect Sterling Investments During EU Uncertainty

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If you are holding Pounds Sterling and are looking to transfer your money into another currency, you may want to use FTT Global’s free Tools and Services to help you ensure you receive the best possible exchange rate.

How to Protect your Sterling in an Unstable Market

If you are holding Pounds and looking to transfer your currency at the best possible rate you have a few options:

  • Place an Order – a Profit Order allows you to choose the exchange rate you want to achieve and FTT will monitor the market on your behalf, 24/7, securing your rate once it becomes available.
  • Stop-Loss Order allows you to select the lowest rate you are happy to accept and if the market falls to this level, FTT will again secure your booking.
  • Forward Booking – this secures your exchange rate for up to 12 months. When the rate is in your favour, you will have the assurance that if the market moves against you, you won’t need to pay any more for your currency.

Registering an account with FTT Global means you will have instant access to all of our free Tools. Our advisors will talk to you about which would help to manage your currency risk most effectively, whilst ensuring you receive the best exchange rate in the market.

The uncertainty surrounding the EU referendum has meant the Pound Sterling has decreased in value against many of the market’s major currencies recently.

Not only are there reservations around which way the vote will go, there are also questions around the scale of impact a ‘Brexit’ would have on the British economy.

The vote on whether Britain will exit the Euro is due to take place on 23rd June. YouGov has been conducting a series of regular polls to gauge the feeling amongst Britain’s following a series of campaigns. Recent polls show the “Stay” camp has had 4 consecutive wins.


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