Business Services: Translation & Localisation

At FTT Global, we understand that translation is a global business, requiring more than just linguistic fluency.

Sending and receiving high volumes of payments in multiple currencies can be costly and time consuming. That’s why we offer bank beating exchange rates and provide high levels of service to support your specific needs.

STP Nordic saved over £100k last year by sending and receiving international payments via FTT instead of the bank.

Receive more of the money you earn, spend less when buying and sending currency overseas and simplify your admin!  

With FTT, you benefit from:

  • Bank beating exchange rates, guaranteed for both payments made and received
  • Secure, reliable service. Have complete confidence that your payment will arrive at its destination on time
  • Advice and support 24/7, from our dedicated support team
  • Regular email updates on the status of your payment for you and the recipients
  • Simple BatchPay service available if you need to make multiple payments to employees and freelancers, in a variety of currencies

Best guaranteed rates

Banks will typically charge you anything up to 4% in fees and charges for the payments you need to make. FTT provides you with a service that is seamless and transparent with all international payments costing not more than 1% and no hidden fees.

Receive more of the money you earn

Arrange for your customers to send their foreign currency payments to FTT rather than your bank. We notify you immediately when your funds are received by us.  You can go online from wherever you are and convert these funds at a better exchange rate and send them to your normal bank account or we can automatically do it for you. This ensures you receive more of your money you earn and have complete control.  

Watch our video to find out more.

Reduce administrative headaches with BatchPay

When you need to make multiple payments in multiple currencies to translators or freelancers; FTT Global’s BatchPay means you can make all these payments in one easy step; securely and cheaply.

STP Nordic use FTT to pay staff, external suppliers and receive payments from clients. Every month STP Nordic sends FTT a spreadsheet of 100-130 supplier payments, along with a single corresponding payment.  We fulfil these payments in the currencies required and send confirmation emails when the payments have been made, always keeping them in the loop.

Read our customer case study to find out how STP Nordic uses FTT’s BatchPay service to benefit their business. 

Take a look at our FTT Global and PayPal comparison to see how much you could save with your international payments:

Getting Started

Firstly you will need to register with FTT, this only takes a couple of minutes and you will have instant access to your account. If you would like more information on BatchPay contact our specialist Nick Atkinson on +44 (0)203 603 8940 or email [email protected]