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The big question this week is will the GBP/EUR rate go over the 1.40 mark? Currently the rate is steadily increasing after a short fall at the beginning of the week. The rate hasn’t hit 1.40 since the recession so it’s amazing to see this fantastic increase. The GBP has also got stronger against the USD but at the end of this week has had a slight fall. 


The EUR continues to remain weak against the US Dollar. However on Monday it has strengthened against the GBP slightly. The Eurozone employment levels are still at around 11.2% which has helped with good market support for the EUR. A growth in the Eurozone retail sales sector has shown to be significantly stronger than expected this week. When data came out it showed an 1.1% month over month growth.


The USD is at an 11 year high against the EUR this month! This is good news for people holding USD looking to travel to Europe. You will get a lot more money for your US Dollars. This will also benefit anybody looking to purchase a house in EUR from USD. Last week the USD/GBP rate fell with the Sterling becoming slightly strong against the Dollar again. The end of this week has seen a fall with the USD again staying strong and increasing its rate.


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