The New Pound Coin Makes its Debut!

March 28, 2017 2:12 pm Published by

From today you can get your hands on the new 12-sided Pound coin!

Whilst the old design of the Pound coin will remain in circulation until October this year, one in 40 are suspected to be fake. The new coin comes with new security measures, making it difficult to replicate and the Royal Mint claims it will be the ‘most secure coin in the world’.

Pound coin

One new feature is an image, similar to a hologram, and micro-sized lettering around both rims. It is also said to contain material which when scanned by payment machines, can be detected electronically.

It might be a while before you get your hands on the coin because initially, only 33 banks and post offices have had deliveries of the new £1 coin.  Aberdeen, Bath, Edinburgh, London and York have received their new stock so if you’re located in these areas, chances are you’ll start to see them over the next week!

We’ve seen the new £5 in circulation and coming up, a newly-designed £10 is also on its way with a new £20 note in 2020. Like the £5 note, they will also be made from polymer which is said to be far more durable, secure and cleaner than paper. Britain is joining more than 30 countries that already use bank notes made from polymer, including New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. They are less likely to tear, start melting at 120C and are more difficult to replicate.

By 2020, all notes apart from the £50, will be made from plastic!

What do you think of the new polymer bank notes and the new Pound coin?

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