The Hedge Engine (THE)

Imagine a world where you could handle all your client payments no matter how small or large and in whatever currency, safe in the knowledge you had no exchange rate exposure at any time. Not even for a minute – Welcome to the The Hedge Engine!

What is The Hedge Engine?

Revolutionary technology that seamlessly provides instant FX pricing and hedging for micro-payments 24/7.

  • Real-time pricing in 30 currencies
  • Netted settlement of cash balances
  • Instant reconciliation of transactions
  • Total capture of Foreign Exchange profits
  • No FX risk, just certainty of FX profits  
  • Real-time hedging of $1USD upwards
  • Transaction by transaction hedging of risk
  • Real-time treasury positions management

Why use The Hedge Engine?

Non-banking payment providers are revolutionizing the payment space through innovative use of technology.

The opportunity to deliver cross border payments without risk to the provider has been hampered by traditional foreign exchange solutions provided by the banks. Banks are as inwardly focused in FX as they are in Payments.

Bank FX solutions are tailored to corporate clients, hedge funds and high value transactions. They are not tailored to micro-payments and generally do not place the control in the hands of the payment companies.