The Great New Zealand Flag Debacle

September 8, 2015 3:28 pm Published by

There is a late contender joining the competition to become New Zealand’s new flag.

Last week there was widespread disdain among the country’s citizens when the final choices for a new flag design were unveiled. ┬áIt was claimed they were too boring, corporate and did not represent New Zealand values.

PM John Key complained that the current flag looked too similar to Australia’s (pictured below, left) and was also keen to remove the Union Jack which represents the country’s colonial era.

Australian Flag compared to New Zealand's Flag

Now a petition has been launched with over 30,000 signatures to include the below flag as a fifth entry into the finals!


Changing the flag does come with a hefty cost – NZD 26 Million (GBP 13M, USD 20M) to be exact! After a poll taken by the New Zealand Herald found that only a quarter of people supported changing the flag; many have been left wondering whether the exercise is an unnecessary and costly one when funds could be spent better elsewhere!

The vote to choose a new design takes place at the end of 2015 and a further vote in March 2016 will determine if the present flag will stay or the new one is chosen!

Which flag would you choose?


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