The Extreme Sailing Series

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Most things are, naturally, a little more interesting with the word ‘extreme’ in the title. Think ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ – quite possible the most, well, extreme home makeover show on television. Or take extreme sports, for instance. Plain old sports don’t quite evoke the same excitement. The same goes for basic, simple sailing – yawn. But extreme sailing? Now we’re talking!

As it happens, 2014 has seen the most ambitious and thrilling world tour yet from The Extreme Sailing Series. Since its launch in 2007 the annual racing event has been making some serious waves. This year, from Singapore to China and Russia, yachtsmen, sailors and even world record holders have been competing as spectators cheer on.

Last week saw GB Olympic champion Sir Ben Ainslie’s team sail in at third place at the Cardiff leg of the tour. Oman, meanwhile, held their nerve and cruised into first place victory. This week marks the countdown to the sixth act in Istanbul, Turkey, where a fleet of Extreme 40’s will rally towards the waterfront. A favourite amongst elite sailors, Istanbul has in previous years ensured some truly spectacular racing. Ordinary sailing and extreme sailing’s difference lies in the ability for large audiences to gather, spectate and spur on their favourite teams. Extreme 40’s are also incredible designs, double the size and speed of the biggest and fastest sailing boat featured in the Olympics.

The entire boat weighs roughly the same as a Mini Cooper and is capable of reaching speeds of 30 knots. According to its creators this experience can be recreated by putting your head out of a car window at 35 mph when it is raining (though quite why you would want to do this is beyond me). They are also extreme-ly pricey equipment, with a new build Extreme 40 valued at Euros 379500! For that price I would hope it comes with an inbuilt drinks cabinet and personal butler!

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