Revealed: The World’s Best City to Live in!

August 12, 2016 2:47 pm Published by

The 18th Mercer Quality of Life Study has named Austria’s capital, Vienna, the best city in the world to live in!

The study examined social and economic conditions, education, housing, health and the environment. It is a well-renowned study which is often referred to by multinational companies when deciding where their employees should relocate and appropriate salaries.


Germany’s Zurich came in second, followed by Auckland in New Zealand in third, Munich in fourth and Vancouver, Canada,¬†taking the fifth spot.


The United Kingdom’s capital, London, came in at number 39 and Edinburgh was next on the list at 46.

So if you’re thinking of moving abroad, the Mercer study suggests that Germany is the country with the most amount of cities featured in the top 10!

If you’re wondering why¬†Vienna is so special to nab the top spot; a key reason is the country’s housing. The government invests in high quality social housing, making the city an affordable place to settle. Low crime rates and cheap public transport are also a contributing factor.

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