Studying Abroad? Save on Tuition Fees!

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If you’ve taken the plunge to study abroad, getting your finances in order and tuition fees paid on time will be high on your to-do list.

The questions you probably have in mind are:

  • How do I send money overseas to pay tuition fees?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Can I top up an overseas bank account for living expenses?

How to Pay Overseas Tuition Fees

Using a currency specialist such as FTT Global will enable you to pay tuition fees as and when you need to. We offer an online service which means that whenever you need to send money abroad, you can login anywhere in the world, from any device and make your currency exchange.

Simply send us your funds via bank transfer and we’ll send your purchased currency to your chosen account. What’s even better, is that FTT allows you can track your payment from start to finish so you have full visibility of your payments every step of the way.

How much is it going to cost me?

Get a live price for your currency exchange by using the Quote Tool on our Home Page. You’ll see exactly how much your required amount of currency will cost you before you book.

Unlike the bank, we keep our margins low which means a better exchange rate for you. You won’t have to spend as many Pounds to get the required amount of US Dollars, Euros or other currency you need.

To give you an idea, the bank will charge you up to 6% in hidden fees and poor exchange rates. FTT charges no more than 0.75% on every payment! We will only charge a £10 fee if your payment is under £3,000 and no fees above this amount.

Can I top up an overseas bank account when I need to?

When you’ve paid tuition fees, you might also need to consider topping up an overseas bank account for living costs.

Transfer money 24/7 to over 25 different currencies worldwide. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of currency you can exchange using FTT and all our major currencies are a same day money transfer!

Anytime you need to transfer money for living expenses simply login and set up your international payment!

Get Started Today!

Register an account in seconds and get instant access to our preferential exchange rates! Our friendly UK-based Support Team are available 24/7 on [email protected] or call us during office hours on +44(0) 203 603 8940.

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