Sterling Staying Strong

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The British Pound continues to hold strength against the Euro and US Dollar following positive data released from the UK economy.

The data shows the fastest expansion in UK business investment in two years in the first quarter and GDP grew 3% – the strongest since 2007. 

Exchanging Sterling to US Dollars

Do you need to buy US Dollars? Good news, the pair is still holding strong around 1.71. Our Currency Chart shows just how much the pair has gained over the last year, making now a perfect time to buy your Dollars. Even if you don’t have an immediate requirement, consider booking a Forward to lock this rate in for the next 12 months, protecting your savings should the market fall. 

Exchanging Sterling to Euros

Although the pair has fallen slightly this week, our Chart shows how the Pound has slowly strengthened against the Euro over the last year.

Market not in your Favour?

If the market has moved against you, an easy way to try and achieve the best exchange rate possible is to place a Profit Order. Simply tell us the rate you want to achieve and we will monitor the market for you 24/7, booking your transfer as soon as your rate becomes available.

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