Spare £13,000? How about 6 weeks at a Swiss finishing school?

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Swiss finishing schools seem like a tradition of the past but there is one which is thriving and moving with the times, now even accepting male students!

The Institut Villa Pierrefeu, sits perfectly on a hill overlooking Lake Geneva and in its peak, wealthy European aristocrats sent their daughters to the school to improve their social etiquette and prepare them for married life.


Today, sewing classes have been dropped for modern alternatives that are designed to give you an edge in the world of business. From business etiquette and making small talk to public relations and cultural diversity; the adapting curriculum means the school is able to compete with rival institutions in the emerging Bric economies.

Yann Olivier Tavernier, a managing director of GMHBI International, which distributes Swiss cosmetics, said “Clients in the luxury sector are very demanding. If we are well-mannered, then they will take that as their first impression of the product,” he says, adding that the course helped him to better understand clients in Russia. 

Six weeks in Switzerland’s IVP school costs in the region of 18,700 Swiss Francs (GBP 13,000). For most people this seems like a high sum of currency to pay for some social polishing but as the school approaches its 60th anniversary there is still a high worldwide demand for a place at the prestigious institution. 


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