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Despite production being in its early stages and an exact release date remaining up in the air, excitement is continuing to surround the launch of new HBO series, The Mighty Eighth.

The World War 2 epic from none other than Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg is expected to cost  a mind blowing 500 million USD to make. Set to be filmed in Germany and England, if this staggering sum is to be believed, The Mighty Eighth could potentially be the most expensive production on television ever!

Hanks and Spielberg certainly don’t do things by halves. Previous war productions from the pair include Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Shot in England and Switzerland, Band of Brothers told the story of a WW2 paratrooper unit and cost a whopping 120 million USD to produce. And that’s not to mention the 15 million USD advertising and promotional campaign.

The Pacific, a series that focused on the experiences of three marines in the Pacific War, reportedly cost somewhere in the region of 180-270 million USD. Said to be the most expensive television production ever made in Australia, the HBO TV series won eight Emmy awards.

Undoubtedly, HBO isn’t shy of spending a few Dollars here and there on small screen creations. Of course, the tv series getting everyone talking at the moment is Game of Thrones.

The first season of this fantasy drama has been estimated as costing 60 million USD. With its epic battle scenes, which are shot in various international locations including Ireland, Malta and Morocco, its not hard to see why!

The budget for Lost, which ran for six seasons in 2004-2010, sounds like mere pocket money by comparison. The pilot of this ABC series, which followed the survivors of a mysterious plane crash on a Pacific Island, was rumoured to have cost 14 million USD. A realistic plane crash scene, a Hawaii setting and a cast of 70 chewed a big chunk into the shows budget.

Across the pond, in the UK, Downton Abbey has been a small screen sensation. Costing 1 million GBP per episode to produce, the period drama has been sold to more than 200 countries across the globe, including Australia, Spain and Denmark. An equally expensive drama about the Titanic in 2012 set ITV back roughly 12 million GBP. Shot in Hungary, the retelling of the doomed fate of the Titanic was less of a success with viewers.

Nonetheless, whilst both are pretty pricey productions, their price tag pale in significance compared to The Mighty Eighth!



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