Making an International Payment is simple

With FTT Global, sending funds abroad to make an overseas payment is a simple and straightforward process. Our list of currencies is extensive spanning all corners of the globe. All you need to do is book your international payment online or over the phone.

Lock in the Best Exchange Rates

We will need to know the currencies you will be exchanging and the amount you need to sell or buy. Our team of international money transfer experts will then tell you the current rate of exchange. If you are happy to proceed we will lock your exchange rate straight away. Once your rate has been locked in, we have purchased your currency so your booking will not alter.

You will receive a booking confirmation email which will contain the relevant FTT Global bank account details, along with a unique reference number.  You will need to arrange a bank transfer across to FTT, using your reference code, so we can identify your funds as soon as they arrive.

When FTT has received your funds you will receive a confirmation email and we will also confirm by email once your purchased currency has been sent out. You can also track your payment using your online account from start to finish, 24/7 by selecting “Review Payments” when you are logged in.

Receiving Money from Overseas

FTT Global offer a similar foreign currency exchange service for those looking to RECEIVE money in a different currency. Sending and receiving payments with FTT Global really is simple. If you want to know more, visit our “How To” guide to FTT Global’s money transfer service