Receiving Payments from Abroad

With over 30 currencies available to exchange you can have worldwide payments sent directly to FTT to convert into the currency of your choice, at the best guaranteed rate you agree when making your booking online.

The FTT process reduces the cost to you and results in more funds transferred to your account and less being lost from a poor exchange rate or high fees you can receive from using your bank.

How do I receive a payment?

  • Once you have registered, place a booking on our system to exchange the currencies you require
  • We will email you our bank account details and a unique reference code
  • Provide the person paying you with these details so they can transfer the funds to FTT
  • When the funds arrive, FTT will convert them into the currency you have chosen and send to the bank account you have specified

We will let you know by email when your funds arrive and when your currency has been sent out. You can also login to your account and track payments online 24/7, from wherever you are in the world.

If you would prefer to have your funds sent to FTT before securing your rate of exchange, you can find our bank account details once you are logged into the system.  Simply request the payee, you’re your full name as a reference and we will let you know when your funds arrive so you can login and place a booking.

Receiving regular international payments

Whether you receive single or multiple currency payments on a regular basis, using AutoPay is the ideal solution for handling your exchanges.

Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your regular inbound payments from clients or payees will be automatically received, converted and transferred to your bank account without you having to do anything!

Read more about AutoPay .

Contact us during UK office hours on +44 (0)203 603 8940 or email [email protected] anytime.