Receiving Foreign Currency Payments

You can use your online FTT Global account to receive a foreign currency from an account overseas, 24/7, on any device, from anywhere in the world. FTT Global deal in currencies spanning the globe. Our currency centre provides an extensive list of currencies available for online transfers.

Secure the Best Rate before Receiving your Funds

If you know the exact amount of currency you are receiving you can book a payment and secure your rate before your funds arrive. Simply make your booking using your online account, you will receive a confirmation email containing FTT’s relevant bank account details and a unique reference code. You can forward this email over to the person that you are expecting funds from so they can make the payment to FTT.

Once we have received, your funds we will transfer your purchased currency into your chosen beneficiary account. Alternatively, if you would like FTT to receive your funds before making your booking, all you need to is login to your account and select the “Tools” option.

Next select “Our Bank Accounts” and choose the currency FTT will be receiving on your behalf. You can use these details and your full name as a reference to send your funds to us. As soon as your funds arrive, we will send you a confirmation email and you can login to your account any time to book your currency exchange.

Want to Send Money Abroad

FTT Global also provide a similar service for those who wish to send money overseas. Our international money transfer service covers dozens of currencies spanning the entire globe. If you want to know more, visit our “How To” guide to FTT Global’s international currency transfer service.