Real-time Dynamic Currency Conversion (R-DCC)

Real-time Dynamic Currency Conversion (R-DCC), also known as Card holder Preferred Currency (CPC), enables Acquirers, Processors, and Network operators to deliver Foreign Exchange services to customers at ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) or online sales portal (ePOS). 

  • 40% Increase in revenues compared to traditional DCC solutions
  • No risk exposure to movement in underlying currency exchange rates
  • Enhanced customer experience with accurate exchange rates offered
  • 30% reduction in costs to provider through lower price point
  • Increased acceptance rates by customers  

How Does R-DCC Work?

R-DCC enables Acquirers, Processors and Network operators to offer Cardholders abroad the choice to pay in their domestic currency at the ATM/POS rather than leaving the currency conversion to be dealt with at a later time by their card scheme.

R-DCC solution is designed to seamlessly replace Look-up tables or Traditional DCC offerings and is supported by a growing number of industry processors and operators. 

  •  Unique real-time tradable FX prices 24/7
  •  All Mastercard and Visa currencies covered
  •  Exotic currencies available with increased yield potential
  •  Dynamic Yield Management (DYM) tool
  •  Algorithmic hedging model
  •  Competitive fixed priced solution