Qatar 2022: Feeling the Heat

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June and July 2022 will be a historical moment for Qatar as it will be the first time a country in the Middle East hosts the FIFA World Cup. It has not been without controversy though.

The Football Association is currently in talks about possibly moving the tournament back to January the following year after concerns were raised about the conditions players, fans and officials would have to face if the competition went ahead during the country’s hottest months, where temperatures soar in excess of 40 degrees Celsius! 


Speaking in his first British interview, Harold Mayne-Nicholls warned that playing in Qatar during the Summer months will be “impossible” even with the cooling technology proposed by the organising committee.

Australia, which lost out to Qatar along with South Korea, the United States and Japan, believes it should be compensated if the World Cup is held in the winter rather than the summer and has threatened legal action. 

It seems that the country that is smaller then Belgium, but one of the richest in the world, might have something to prove with The World Cup reportedly costing Qatar approximately GBP 138 billion (USD 220 billion). A staggering amount of money and 60 times the amount South Africa spent on the same championship in 2010!  

Out of the £138 billion, £28 billion will even be spent on creating a whole new city called Lusail which will surround the stadium that will host the opening and final matches of the World Cup.

What do you think about the country hosting the tournament during the summer months? Do you think FIFA should move the games back to the winter?


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