Protecting your Money in the Run up to the EU Referendum

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The countdown to the EU Referendum is on! With voting fast-approaching on June 23rd; the GBP is likely to remain volatile until this date. Ensuring your currency is protected from market movement and taking advantage of a rate moving in your favour might be at the forefront of your mind.

FTT’s free Tools and Services can help you to secure a rate for the next 12 months and protect your currency in an unstable market.


Selling GBP?

If you are holding GBP and have a rate of exchange you would like to achieve, you can place an Order.

  • Profit-Order: Select a rate higher than what the current market is offering. We’ll monitor the market 24/7 for you and book your money transfer if your rate becomes available.
  • Stop-Loss Order: Select the lowest rate of exchange you are willing to let the market drop to.  If the market falls to this level, your Order will trigger & your international payment will be secured.

Placing an Order means you don’t have to monitor the market, FTT will do the hard work for you! You can be assured you won’t miss your rate should it become available overnight!

Buying GBP?

If you’re holding Euros, US Dollars or Australian Dollars it’s the perfect time to sell your currency because you will receive far more British Pounds for your money. Take a look at our Currency Charts to see if your currency has strengthened against the Pound.

If you don’t have an overseas money transfer you need to make quite yet, you can still take advantage of the exchange rate by booking a Forward. This will secure your rate for the next 12 months so when you need to make an international payment, you will not be subject to market movement.


Get Started

Sign up for a free FTT account in seconds and have instant access to our bank-beating exchange rates. Our Support Team is based in the UK so any time you need help you can contact us on +44(0) 203 603 8940 or email [email protected] 24/7.

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