Oman: Top 3 things not to miss!

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Only a 7 hour flight from the UK and almost guaranteed sunshine all year around; Oman is fast becoming the new hotspot of the Middle-East.

It is a stark contrast to its neighbour Dubai whose reputation is a playground for the rich, filled with high-rise buildings and fast cars. Oman offers outstanding natural beauty and a variety of excursions and activities for every type of traveller.

Even if you’re only in Oman for a couple of days, make sure you don’t miss out on our top three activities:

  1. Wadi Shab. Oman is scattered with Wadis (the Arabic term for valley) and a short 45 minute hike will lead you to stunning waterfalls and emerald-green rock pools that meander through the dramatic canyon-valley. The hike ends at the coveted “keyhole”, a narrow slit in the rock face which you swim through for several metres before reaching the opening to a stunning, large water-filled cave.
  2. Tiwi Hole. A short drive from Wadi Shab will bring you to Tiwi Hole – a post-card perfect sink hole which will have your friends back at home green with envy! Swim, cliff dive or just simply take some snaps of this jaw-dropping sink hole.


3.  Wahiba Sands. Take a 4×4 out into the desert for an adventure in the sand dunes. There are plenty of tourist companies you can     book through once you have arrived at your hotel and many now offer a sand-boarding option too!


Oman’s local currency is the Rial and the current rate is 0.6305. You can use our Live Rate Checker any time for a rate to exchange British Pounds Sterling to Omani Rials (OMR).


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