Norway’s Prime Minister Goes Undercover!

August 22, 2013 3:19 pm Published by

When I heard the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, recently posed as a taxi driver to hear the opinions of voters; I wondered if this was just a clever media stunt ahead of Norway’s general election or if he really cared about listening to what the public had to say.

“It’s important for me to hear what people really think. If there’s one place where people say what they think, it’s in the taxi,” Stoltenberg said in a video posted on YouTube.

Taking his undercover role seriously, he disguised himself with sunglasses and dressed in the standard Oslo taxi driver uniform. However, this was not enough to fool the majority of his passengers because many realised very quickly they were being driven by Norway’s Prime Minister!

With his journeys captured on a hidden camera, one unsuspecting commuter was engaged in a conversation about education and Mr Stoltenberg can be seen saying “The main point is to make sure good students have something to stretch for, and to give those who struggle extra help.”

It was revealed that five out of the fourteen passengers had been paid 500 Norwegian Kroner each to take part in the Labour Party video, although they’d not been told what it involved. Even if it was a drive for publicity (excuse the pun), it will certainly give him a boost for September’s election!


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