Norway: New-look currency on the way!

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n spring 2014, the central bank of Norway – Norges Bank – ran a competition to design a whole new series of Kroner banknotes based around the subject of “The Sea”.

Eight different designers submitted their art work for the new-look currency which will go into circulation in 2017.

The winning designs feature images by graphic design firm The Metric System and Norwegian architecture firm Snohetta.

Snohetta, which has offices in New York, is famous for the design of the Oslo Opera House and its design for the new 1000-Kroner notes feature pixelated images of the Norwegian coastline distorted in accordance with the Beaufort wind scale.

The front of the new notes incorporate more conventional designs related to Norway such as a Viking ship, lighthouse and fish!

What do you think of the new images? Do you think the United Kingdom should run a similar competition to introduce new Pound Sterling notes? 


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