Noel Goddard, Managing Director

FTT Global was founded with a passion to make Money Transfers simple and transparent for everyone.

Can you imagine walking into a shop and buying something without knowing the price? Nor could I when I first stumbled across foreign exchange 10 years ago. I wanted to know how much my bank was charging me to convert £3,000 into Euros. They wouldn’t (or couldn’t) tell me.

Research led to “Currency Brokers” and “FX Specialists” who could give me an estimate but not an actual price unless I signed their long-winded registration forms. “Just tell me what profit you will make on my transfer and I will happily sign up”, I said. The response was a wonderful overview of the FX markets from a charming sales guy but still no price that anyone would commit to. If a company won’t tell you the ACTUAL price you will pay, how can you trust them at all ? What are they hiding?

Frustration turned to determination as I learned that this was “how the FX market operates”. Within 6 months, FTT Global was born with a passion to change the FX and Money Transfer Market forever. That was 7 years ago and we are now a company that has delivered on this passion for 10,000 customers moving over half a billion pounds.

You need to know how much your currency will cost to buy BEFORE you commit to a company. FTT Global is the only company who publish live, real exchange rates, 24/7. We are proud to be open and passionate with our transparency. It should be the norm but in our industry unfortunately, we are the exception.

Contact Noel on: [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3603 8940 to discuss how to get the most from your foreign exchange provider.

Noel’s Top Tip

The market is slowly changing and many of our old and new competitors are claiming to be transparent and open. The easiest way to check is to ask them one question: “What is the exchange rate I will get?” If the answer is not a straight number, try someone else. When you have tried a few, try FTT and see the difference.