Losing sleep over your exchange rate? Place an Order!

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How many times have you looked at an exchange rate and had that horrible sinking feeling? You waited to book a transaction and now the market’s moved against you. Want to avoid that feeling? We thought so. This is why we give you the option to place an Order.

How does placing an Order work?

Simply login to your account, choose the rate of exchange you want to achieve, and if the market reaches this rate, we’ll book the currency exchange for you and email confirmation on what to do next.

Our three different Order types are listed below along with their advantages:

Profit Order choose this option if you would like to try and achieve an exchange rate better than what the current market is offering. Simply choose the rate you would like to achieve and we’ll monitor the market for you 24/7. If your target rate becomes available we’ll book your currency transaction immediately.

Stop-Loss Order protects you if the market is falling. Enter a lower rate of exchange than what the current market is offering. If the market drops to the selected rate, your Order will trigger and we’ll book your currency transaction immediately.

Collar the market

Placing an Order is a simple way to achieve the rate you would like without spending your valuable time watching the market we do it all for you.

If you’d like to discuss your currency requirements or need any advice on which Order would benefit you most, contact us today!

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