How to Receive an International Money Transfer

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Are you being paid in a foreign currency? Or receiving funds from a family member abroad? Whether you need to exchange EUR to GBPUSD to GBP or NOK to GBP; using FTT Global to handle your currency exchange will save you time, money and you’ll have complete visibility of your payments from start to finish.

How to receive a foreign currency payment:

Once you have opened an account with FTT you can send or receive one or multiple money transfers, from wherever you are in the world.

  • Set up your payment online or over the phone with our Support Team. You just need to tell us the currencies you wish to exchange, the amount and the account you want your converted currency to be sent to.
  • As soon as your payment is booked your rate is locked in. You will receive an email with FTT Global’s bank account details, along with your own unique reference code.
  • Forward this email to the person who is paying you, so they can use the details to transfer us your currency.

That’s all you need to do and as soon as we receive your funds, we will email you and send your converted currency – at the agreed rate – to your nominated beneficiary account.

Take a look at our video on receiving foreign currency from abroad and if you have any questions you can contact our Support Team by email or call us 020 3603 8940.

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