How much would you pay to stay forever youthful?

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The key to eternal youth… yours for a mere £40,000. Scientists have discovered how to freeze skin cells so they don’t age- no mean feat. The calls can then be changed into stem cells and used later in life for rejuvenating age-defying surgery. Scéil, the company in Singapore in which the procedures will take place will take skin and blood samples from clients and store them to make a ‘back-up’ version of their cells frozen at their current age. The sample cells are manipulated to become stem cells that can be grown into any type of body tissue, and can therefore be used in any part of the body. Back up supplies of the cells will then be stored across the globe in banks in Singapore, Dubai and Switzerland in order to ensure that there is always a backup supply of the magic elixir.  

The pioneering technique will be available as a cosmetic procedure from today (probably by celebrities and the mega- rich), although researchers hope the technology could also be used to help disfigured or injured patients instead of skin grafts. Dr Andre Choulika, founder of Scéil’s parent company Cellectis stated ‘Just  like the simple act of backing up your computer has become routine, so too could the act of backing up your stem cells now, before you regret not doing so in the future.’ So if you want to defy time, make sure you start saving, as the hefty price tag is unlikely to go down before it’s too late to save your cells at all! 

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