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FTT work with global businesses to enhance their international money transfers with a quick and simple service. Maria Lodge from earworms mbt rapid languages tells us more on how FTT works best for them.

What was your situation before coming to FTT and why were you looking for a change?

Prior to becoming FTT customers we traded currencies & made supplier payments via our UK bankers & during working hours.

We hold bank accounts with two different high street banks. One of them required forms completing & returning by fax transmission, the other a telephone call.

Our accounts department isn’t UK based, we don’t keep UK hours so complying with ‘working hours’ was always a pain. The bank that accepted a phone call was easier, although the waiting time proceeding from one recorded message to the next was ridiculously long & expensive.

What do you like about the FTT service?

We like the FTT service because we’re in control. We can make trades & payments ourselves, at any time of the day or night & over the weekend.

The rates of exchange are always better than the banks. It’s not just the cost either, the speed of service is great and our suppliers report receiving their payments 1-2 days sooner with FTT.

How has FTT benefited your business?

The FTT website is really user friendly and secure, plus it doesn’t require a code verifying device. The savings for us come in the better rates of exchange, lower commissions & speed of service.

What advice would you give to other companies?

Save money & trade with FTT. Banks are notorious for low exchange and high commission rates and holding on to your money for as long as possible.

The convenience alone makes FTT all the more worthwhile, the savings with them is the icing on the cake and makes sound commercial sense.

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