Going Global: Vivaaa Las Vegas!

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24-hour casinos, huge buffets, acrobatic shows, endless shopping opportunities and even a bride and groom in the queue at Starbucks! Las Vegas was everything I expected it to be when I spent 5 days in this ostentatious (yet fabulous) city last month.

It’s clear that not a penny has been spared on building the hotels that sit towering over the Las Vegas strip. It is home to 19 of the world’s 25 largest hotels that lure in 37 million tourists each year! From the gondola rides in the Venetian, the rollercoaster in New York New York to the stunning botanical gardens in the Bellagio; it really does feel like Disneyland for adults!


Don’t blow the budget before you’ve started!

Stay at Caesars Palace and you’ll be in the perfect position, centre of the strip, without spending a fortune on your room. As with all hotels in Vegas, Caesars is enormous and offers an impressive 14 restaurants to dine in.

You really can’t help but go shopping in Vegas; the place is designed to take your money one way or another! Caesars Palace houses The Forum Shops and even if you don’t actually want to shop I’d still recommend going here just for the experience! The luxury mall is 636,000 square feet and boasts a unique atmosphere that simulates ancient Roman streets and a painted ceiling to resemble the sky. The lighting really adds to the atmosphere in the evenings because it is set to reflect the time of day with pink sky at dusk and stars at night!

Grand Canyon

Being so close to the Grand Canyon, it would be hard to pass up a trip to one of the world’s most photographed landscapes. Unless you don’t mind a ten hour round trip in a coach, a helicopter ride will get you there in 45 minutes! All Grand Canyon Tours offers the flight to the Canyon over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam and Canyon landing for 300 US Dollars per person, including a pick up from your hotel.  An experience of a lifetime and worth every penny for the unbeatable memories!

Las Vegas can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to party the nights away and laze by the pool in the day or explore the sights of the city; it won’t leave you dissapointed!

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This post was written by Kayleigh Driscoll

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