Going Global: Turkey’s Treasures

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Not only is Turkey a place where you can relax on a secluded beach, it is a country that offers a fantastic number of cities reaped with history and culture you can explore.

I took a trip to Turkey a couple of years ago and found myself captivated by the diversity of each of the three cities I travelled to and fascinated by the country’s history.

Shopping in Istanbul

The largest city in Turkey with a population of 13.9 million, Istanbul is the world’s tenth most popular tourist destination.

Top of my list of places to visit was the Grand Bazaar. Open since 1461, it’s Turkey’s largest covered market. I could see straight away why this place was such a hub for both tourists and locals I found myself immersed amongst towers of colourful Turkish carpets, fine jewellery and clothing. To bring it into perspective, the market has 3,000 shops across 61 different streets, so make sure you sharpen up your bargaining skills!

grand bazaar market turkey

Don’t spend all your Turkish Lira in this shopping haven because you’ll eventually stumble across an interior courtyard where you can take a break, refuel and sample some delicious Turkish cuisine. You’ll find kebabs, stews and salads all made fresh with the most amazing flavours – proving you don’t need to spend a fortune to indulge in some of Turkey’s finest food.

Visiting Ephesus

I flew into Izmir to visit the remains of the ancient city, Ephesus. Some of the most impressive sites I came across included the ruins of the Library of Celsus, as pictured below, constructed between 110 and 135 AD. The whole area is so popular with tourists because it provides an authentic view of ancient life and there is on-going work to restore and reconstruct the area, making it a real treat for history enthusiasts like me!

historic remains of the ancient city ephesus

Near to Ephesus, on top of Nightingale mountain, I also took a trip to what is said to be the house of Virgin Mary. They say this is the place where Mary spent her last days and built entirely of stone; tourists can access the structure which dates back to the Apostolic Age. Although there are many conflicting views amongst historians as to whether this was actually Mary’s house, it has become a sacred site to many Christians.

Relax in Bodrum

After all the shopping and sight-seeing I’d done over the previous 7 days, it was a pleasure to spend the next 7 relaxing in the comfort and luxury offered at Hotel Samara in Bodrum.

Bodrum has fast become one of Turkey’s most popular resorts, offering beautiful beaches along with historical sites and splashes of nature and culture. Explore the twisting passageways of Bodrum Castle, visit the museum of underwater archaeology or simply kick back on a sun lounger and soak up some rays!

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