Going Global: Sweden’s Northern Lights

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The Northern Lights feature highly on many people’s bucket list and occur when charged particles discharged by the sun reach earth’s atmosphere and collide with gaseous particles. The gases produce different colours and set the sky ablaze with pale light green, blue and pink colours.

Where to stay

Treat yourself to a stay at Sweden’s world-famous Ice Hotel. Your whole trip will be an experience from start to finish, so why not begin with your transfer from the airport to the hotel via snow mobile or dog-sled!

The thought of sleeping on a block of ice, in a room built entirely of ice certainly raises a few questions. Mainly, will I actually be warm? Well, the answer is yes. You’re given a thermal sleeping bag topped with reindeer skins so you’re nice and toasty from the moment you zip up. The only thing you need to worry about is the trip from the warm comfort of your sleeping bag to the bathroom as you dash through the chilling -5C air!

If this experience doesn’t appeal to you, choose to stay in one of the warmer cabins next door and fall asleep enjoying the magical view of the stars through the room’s glass roof. 

Things to do

There’s plenty to keep you occupied, from cross-country skiing on specially made tracks to a moose safari where you can take a snow mobile or horse through the snowy forest in search of the moose!


If you prefer more low key activities, try the Absolute Ice Experience. At a cost of 1,490 Swedish Krona you begin with an ice sculpting competition followed by drinks in the Absolut Ice Bar. Yes, more ice! The experience ends with a three course meal in the beautiful Sea Bar and Restaurant.

Top Tip

Outer wear, gloves, shoes, breakfast buffet, morning sauna and admission to ICEHOTEL is always included in the price when you stay at the hotel.


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