Going Global: Fun in the Philippines

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Do you have a loved one in the Philippines who you need to send money to? Or are you planning a trip to one of the 7,000+ islands and need to pay for your accommodation?  If so, you can now use FTT Global to buy and send your Philippine Pesos at a rate up to 3% more competitive than your bank!

Top of the Islands

The Philippines generously offers over 7,000 islands you can visit but I would put Boracay Island straight to the top of your itinerary. It is probably one of last little-known Asian beach getaways that are yet to be over-run with tourists and travellers but now with its profile is slowly rising and “White Beach” gaining awards for its pristine sands and crystal clear waters; beat the crowds and head there ASAP!

See something different

Take a trip to the Banaue Rice Terraces to see something extraordinary! The UNESCO World Heritage Terraces are 2,000 years old, carved into the mountains of Ifugao and it is said if the steps were put end to end they would encircle half the globe!

The 4,000 square miles that the terraces cover are used by locals to grow rice and vegetables. If you take a day trip here you will get the chance to meet the tribes at the foot of the terraces and experience true Filipino culture and food like you’ve never tasted before!

Feeling adventurous?

The Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is home is 17 active volcanoes. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take the two day hike up to the top of Mount Mayon. Although it has erupted 47 times since 1616, it’s definitely worth the view once you reach the summit!

If you’re looking for something slightly less risky, hike to the top of Taal Volcano and enjoy a swim in the sulphur infused lake which has formed in its crater. You can do this in one day so you’ll be back in your hotel for a comfortable night’s sleep in the evening!


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