Fears of a Greek Default Shakes Euro

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Greek Default Concerns Weaken Euro

The news this week that Greece could default on its £1.1Billion bill to the International Monetary Fund led to the value of the Euro weakening once again.

Greece is due to hand over the money in four stages starting in June as part of its settlement for their bail-out in 2011.

Although the Euro has picked back up again towards the end of this week, its position in the market is still vulnerable.

US Dollar Set to Strengthen

The US Dollar rose approximately 10% against most currencies in the last quarter.

Now is a good time to sell your Dollars – especially if you’re buying Pounds or Euros. Positive job data is set to be released later today which should only see the currency strengthen further. Secure your exchange rate with FTT today by booking a Forward Contract or if there is a particular rate you want to achieve you can place an Order.

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