F1 Drivers Get Noisy About Quiet Engines

April 10, 2014 10:32 am Published by

Ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix this week, German F1 driver Sebastian Vettel gave his two cents worth on the new engines controversy.

Vettel’s outburst regarding the F1’s switch from the V8 engines to the quieter turbocharged V6s has landed him in hot water with FIA president Jean Todt. Having used a less than eloquent word to describe the new engines, Vettel has allegedly received a personal letter from the F1 boss.


Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton has previously shown quiet appreciation for the new engines:

“What we have been able to achieve with these engines is incredible – we get the same power, if not more, out of a V6 than a V8 and use 30% less fuel. That’s fantastic. And the new era of road cars will benefit. F1 has always been about pushing technical boundaries, and that’s what we’re doing with these new engines”

Clearly the new engines have had no impact on Hamilton’s winning streak. Actions speak louder than words! If Hamilton strikes lucky for the third time at the approaching Chinese Grand Prix, he could always convert his winnings with FTT Global!


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