Exercise can be wheely FUN

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Exercise. That dreaded, dirty word. For us fitness-phobes a short stroll to the local Burger King is enough to be considered an intense cardio workout. Why break out in a sweat when you can sit at home and watch your favourite Netflix series? Those exercise enthusiasts need to get their priorities in order!

Take a trip to Hyde Park on an average day, however, and the people there have cottoned on to something revolutionary re: exercise. All around the park you’ll find Londoners with wheels for heels – cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders. More importantly, these people aren’t grimacing in pain but, instead, they’re having fun. That’s despite the fact that just one hour on wheels can, supposedly, burn more calories than an aerobics class. It appears that exercise (dare I say it) can be enjoyable!

A quick look on Amazon reveals that you can expect to buy a pair of decent inline rollerblades or roller skates for roughly GBP 150. A safe bet is a pair of Seba GTX 84’s. Once the basics have been mastered, for most roller-skater’s or ‘bladers the ultimate aim is speed. Extreme downhill rollerblading is a testament to this! As the name suggests it involves descending on a hill on rollerblades. Alternatively, urban skating focuses on the ability to use rollerblades to perform tricks by sliding, grinding and jumping off objects and surfaces. The following video of this urban skater, from Germany, will no doubt leave you seriously impressed at his skills:

Then there’s roller derby. A contact sport which originates from the USA, but has taken the world by storm, roller derby has become particularly popular in the UKCanada and Australia. The game sees two teams skate in the same direction around a track. The aim of which, put simply, is for a designated ‘jammer’ to overlap members of an opposing defending team.

Ok, ok maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself! One minute I’m suggesting a gentle glide about on some skates and the next I’m talking about diving down hills, doing tricks and overlapping everyone! But the crux of the issue is this: getting about on wheels offers a seriously fun way to exercise. The French know this only too well. Every Sunday, hundreds of skaters and ‘bladers assemble on the Boulevard Bourbon, to tackle the streets of Paris, France. Free of charge, no Euros necessary, the event allows Parisians to sail along the streets of the city.

C’est la vie!!


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