End of the July heat wave begins quest for overseas sun

July 30, 2013 1:19 pm Published by

It looks like the July heat wave is finally coming to an end, and looking out of the window at the stormy sky, I can’t help feeling that today’s weather is mirroring my mood. It really is too easy to get used to average temperatures of twenty – something degrees.

The end of the heat wave seems to have come at the worst time possible, the start of the school holidays. However, there is a silver lining to the ever looming clouds, finding a holiday! The grey skies have prompted a soaring increase in holiday bookings, with France, Spain and the USA taking the top spots for the most popular summer destinations for Brits.

So in actual fact, life doesn’t end after the heat wave, it is only an excuse to get researching and book a holiday before the end of the summer- at least that way you have a treat to look forward to!

Booking flights and accommodation separately can sometimes be cheaper and if you are paying for a Villa in euros or dollars directly then setting up an account with us can save up to 4% over using your bank.  Happy Holidays!

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