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About the Norwegian Krone

The Norwegian Krone (NOK) has been the official currency of Norway and its dependent territories since it was introduced in 1875 replacing the Norwegian Speciedaler.

During the German occupation in the Second World War, the Krone was pegged to the Reichsmark initially at a rate of 1 Krone = 0.6 Reichsmark and later reduced to 0.57. Following the war in 1949, a rate of 20 Krone = 1 Pound was established and maintained even when the Pound devalued relative to the US Dollar leading a rate of 7.142 Krone = 1 U.S. Dollar.

Due to heavy speculation against Norwegian currency in the early 1990s, defensive purchases of the NOK over a short period of time resulted in the loss of around two billion kroner from the Norwegian Central Bank.The Central Bank of Norway abandoned the fixed exchange rate in favour of a floating exchange rate in December 1992. The Norwegian Krone has since become the thirteenth most traded currency in the world.

The current cost of a bottle of beer in Norway is NOK 55-60 and a budget hotel room for two cost NOK 800 (just over £80). A cinema ticket would set you back NOK 100 and a loaf of bread would cost you between NOK 20-30.  

  • The banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 kr. 
  • Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 kr
  • Due to oil prices and interest rates, the value of Norwegian Krone varies considerably compared to other currencies from one year to another.

Our most popular NOK Money Transfers

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