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About the Euro

The Euro came into existence on 1 January 1999 and is the official currency of the Eurozone. It is the second largest reserve currency as well as the second most traded currency in the world after the United States Dollar.

The Eurozone consists of seventeen countries and comprises of some 326 million people in total. These countries include: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, FranceGermanyGreece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The NetherlandsPortugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Outside the Eurozone, a total of 23 countries that do not belong to the EU have currencies which are pegged to the Euro. This consists of over 175 million people worldwide, including 150 million people in Africa. This is regarded as a safety measure, especially for currencies of areas with weak economies.

  • The Euro has the highest combined value of banknotes and coins in circulation in the world.
  • Coins are issued in denominations of €2, €1, 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, and 1c denominations and the banknotes are issued in denominations of €500, €200, €100, €50, €20, €10, and €5.

Our most popular Euro Currency Exchanges

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