Country - United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, or UK, is located just off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The UK is made up of the island of Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), Northern Ireland and the British Isles.  

The official currency of the United Kingdom is British Pound Sterling, also known as the Great Britain Pound or GBP.

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  • Sort Code – The sort code is a six-digit number and is usually formatted as three pairs of numbers.
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If you need any assistance setting up the beneficiary account please feel free to call our customer service team on 020 3603 8940. Alternatively if it would be beneficial for you to email your beneficiary details to our payments team at [email protected] they will set them up for you and send you a confirmation email.

Quick Facts:

  • Despite variations in denomination and decimalisation over time, the pound sterling has existed as England’s national currency since the early 900s.
  • In the UK, paper money is referred to as ”notes” unlike the US, which refers to it as “bills”
  • The British pound is often referred to colloquially as “quid”. This may come from the term “quid pro quo” but it also may also come from Gaelic-speaking Irishmen in the British Army who referred to “my money” as “mo chuid” (roughly pronounced as “mo quid”).

For more detailed information on sending and receiving Pound Sterling, please visit our currency page.

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How long do payments to the UK take?

If we receive your funds before midday, FTT guarantee a same day transfer.  If your funds come in after midday the payment will be sent and should be received in the beneficiary account, by the following day.

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