Case Studies

Customer Case studies and Scenarios

Read more about how our services help different customers and businesses manage their international payments and money transfer needs…

Claire’s company receives money from abroad

An FTT Global Scenario

Claire’s company was due to receive a €40,000 payment from her client in France. 

Claire sought advice from her bank who explained that moving the Euros into her UK bank account would cost up to 4 % in fees & charges.

Claire needed to find a better way….

A colleague suggested to Claire that she try FTT Global.

Claire found the FTT Global website easy to use and was able to register and make her booking the same day.

With FTT, Claire was able to arrange for her client’s payment to be sent directly to her account at FTT.  The money was then quickly converted from Euros to Pounds Sterling at a great exchange rate, agreed upon by Claire, and sent to her nominated bank account.

Claire was kept informed every step of the way and received her funds the same day with no surprise costs or complications.

Claire was able to track her transfer online and easily reconcile her accounts. She enjoyed the peace of mind that came from knowing that the FTT support team were only a phone call or email away if she needed them.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.  


Jubilee Sailing Trust needs funds at every port

An FTT Global Scenario

Jubilee Sailing Trust is a registered charity that has been creating life changing experiences for people of all physical disabilities to sail on their bespoke ships since 1978.

Sending money to their two tall ships whilst on voyages all around the world needed to be quick, secure and save money. 

Jubilee Sailing Trust needed a long-term sustainable solution…

Since joining FTT Global,Jubilee Sailing Trust have been relying on their services to complete all international transactions.  FTT provides Jubilee Sailing Trust with a flexible way to pay accounts in various currencies in a quick and cost effective method.  This has helped to keep incremental costs of each voyage to a minimum.

Jubilee Sailing Trust’s account can be accessed securely anywhere in the world to make on-time payments for marina fees, maintenance and food costs so they know their crew and guests are well looked after at every port.

Jubilee Sailing Trust believe that FTT is saving them thousands of pounds a year. With each payment they simply book the amount they require online and when they are happy with the GBP exchange rate they confirm the transaction.  As soon as FTT receives the funds they are converted at the agreed rate and sent to the beneficiary.

Jubilee Sailing Trust particularly value the FTT customer support team that are on call 24/7 for all of their needs.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.


Managing multiple currency payments

An FTT Global Scenario

Trucking Ltd use a wide variety of suppliers based all over the world and need to make up to 200 payments on a monthly basis in a variety of currencies at different times.

Individual small payments made a laborious and time consuming task inputting them into the banking system. 

Trucking Ltd found a better way…

Using the FTT Mulipay service  they have simplified the process and kept fees and charges to a minimum.

Each month the FTT team work with Trucking Ltd to download all monthly outbound payments to the system.  Where possible currency is acquired in bulk to provide an even better exchange rate.

With one monthly GBP payment to FTT, Trucking Ltd only has to make one transfer, saving them time and money in a secure process.

Payments are then despatched as required so that Trucking Ltd suppliers are paid on time in the desired currency.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.


Jennifer needs to send money to her son abroad

An FTT Global Scenario

Jennifer’s son is travelling in Australia and she wanted to send him some money as a birthday present.  

Jennifer went to her bank to arrange the exchange of Pounds Sterling to Australian Dollars but she wasn’t happy with the exchange rate she was offered.

Jennifer needed to find a better way…

Jennifer found FTT Global online.  

She needed her first transfer to happen urgently, so she was pleased when it only took a couple of minutes to set up her account.  She was offered a much more competitive rate from FTT so she booked the currency exchange straight away.

Jennifer’s son received the Australian Dollars two days later and because of the competitive exchange rate she was given, she saved an extra $180.  

Jennifer now enjoys the flexibility of logging into her account whenever she needs to make an exchange and tracking her payments’ progress online from start to finish.  

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.  


Mark works a security officer in Afghanistan

An FTT Global Scenario 

He is paid in US Dollars but his outgoings are all in British Pounds Sterling and his bank is converting his currency at a cost of up to 4%.  In money terms, this is costing him thousands over a year period.

Mark needed to find a more cost effective way to handle his currency exchange…

A colleague suggested FTT Global, in particular the Auto-Pay Service.  He made a quick phone call and his account was set up that day.

Auto-Pay means Mark’s salary is sent directly from his employer to FTT’s US Dollar account and when his funds arrive, he is notified by email.  He was given the choice of booking his own currency transfers or having FTT do this automatically for him as soon as his funds arrive.  As he wanted to be able to monitor the rate before booking an exchange, he chose to manually book the payments himself.

Mark now enjoys a saving of up to 4% per transaction and the Auto-Pay Service has put him back in control of the rate he receives.  His working hours are often long and unstructured, so being able to use the FTT booking system 24/7 is one of the most important benefits to him.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.  


Peter needed to send money abroad following the purchase of a classic car

He went to his bank to make the transfer but when he was given a rate, he realised he would be losing a lot of money on the exchange.

Peter searched online for a better way to move his money…

He found FTT Global.

Peter had a week before he needed to transfer the currency so he decided to place a Profit Order.  He selected the rate he wanted to achieve and FTT monitored the market for him 24/7. Three days later, at 2am, the rate became available and FTT automatically booked his currency exchange.

On receipt of his funds, FTT transferred the Pounds and they arrived in the beneficiary’s account the same day.  Peter was also able to enter the beneficiary’s email address so they were notified when the payment was on its way to them.

With FTT, he could login to his account whenever he wanted to and track or amend his Order. As Peter decided to use FTT over his bank and also placed a Profit Order, he made an overall saving of 450 EUR.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.


Ruth has accounts in both the UK and Italy.  

She moves money between the two a few times a year when she goes on holiday and to pay for the maintenance charges on her Italian holiday home.

Ruth found the charges and rate she was being given from her bank uncompetitive and she wanted a service that was more flexible.

She needed to find a better way….

A friend suggested Ruth try FTT Global.  

With FTT, Ruth is able to use her account whenever she needs to make a payment – day or night.

She immediately found the online service easy to use and once Ruth had made her Pound Sterling to Euro exchange, she was pleased to find her currency arrived in her Italian account the same day.

FTT kept her up to speed on the progress of her payment with regular email communications and her online account shows her all current and historical transactions.

Ruth now has complete visibility and control over her rate of exchange and doesn’t pay any fees for transferring her money as her currency exchanges are above £3,000.

FTT: better rates and complete control, wherever you are.