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Following the result of the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union; the value of the Pound has tumbled against many major currencies, such as the US Dollar and Euro.

Although it has gained strength in the last few days after confirmation that Theresa May is set to become the UK’s new Prime Minister; the value is still lower than prior to the referendum. This is great news if you are buying Sterling!

Buying Sterling? 

Selling Dollars to buy Sterling, Euros to buy Sterling, or another of our currencies? You will receive excellent, bank-beating exchange rates every time you transfer your money through FTT!

Do you need to buy Sterling in the next 12 months?

If so, you can benefit by booking a Forward to secure today’s exchange rate. This means if the Pound strengthens at any point over the next year, you won’t have to pay any more for your currency because your rate has already been locked in.

Secure today’s rate to use as little or as much as you want over the year!


How to Book a Forward

Simply login to your account and select ‘Tools’ then ‘Forwards’.

Once you have told us the amount of currency you would like to exchange you can secure the rate and we will email you confirmation of your booking. We require a 10% refundable deposit in either currency you are exchanging which is payable to you at the end of the Forward.

If you would like any assistance making a booking, you can get in touch with our UK-based Support Team on [email protected] or +44(0) 203 603 8940.


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