GBP/AED British Pounds Sterling to Dirhams

Do you need to convert British Pounds Sterling to Dirhams? We can help you save between 2-4% on your money transfer compared to your bank. Register an account with us today to convert your money instantly. 

Using our unique online Rate Checker above gives you a live exchange rate that is available in the market right now. Currency converters on other sites will often give you non-tradable rates just to get your attention but as you go to process your money transfer the rate will increase. FTT gives you real rates, no hidden fees or surprises, making money transfer of British Pounds Sterling to Dirhams (GBP/AED), simple and fast.

British Pounds Sterling to Dirhams International Payment & Money Transfer Information:

Transferring British Pounds Sterling to Dirhams is an easy and seamless process. FTT Global ensures international payments and money transfers in GBP/AED take no longer than 2-3 working days to reach the beneficiary account, providing we receive your currency by midday. 

All Dirham payments will need:

  • A SWIFT/BIC Code.  This is a unique code for the bank where the destination account is held. The SWIFT/BIC ID consists of between 8 and 11 capital letters and numbers. 
  • An IBAN number – this replaces a normal bank account number. The IBAN number is usually between 15 and 31 numbers and letters in length and starts with country specific letters (ie. FR for France).

For more information on money transfers to Dubai, please visit our Dirham currency page.

Why use FTT Global for Dirham International Payments & Money Transfers?

  • We are cheaper than the banks

Using your bank to send or make a foreign currency payment normally results in you spending more money than you need to and having less control than you should. FTT offers you an easier and cheaper alternative. If you book a payment online with us, within seconds you get a live  exchange rate which will not change throughout your transaction promising no hidden fees and ensuring you are spending less and staying in control.

  • We are available 24/7

Using our online booking system, you can access our services any time, anywhere on any device and keep up to date 24/7 on any active bookings. We typically save you between 2-4% on each and every money transfer you make compared with your bank and we have a friendly, helpful Support Team available via telephone and email if you have any queries.

Take a look at some more reasons why you should choose FTT if you’d like further information on our services and if you have any queries, just get in touch. 

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