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Flying isn’t for everyone. More often than not this usually boils down to two, overwhelming factors. First, and foremost, is the lack of space. Battles for precious elbow room have been known to get vicious! Being confined to a row of poky seats also means that every time Mother Nature calls and you need to make a swift exit, you’re forced to rouse your neighbour from slumber. Cue a look of intense hatred! Second, is the onboard meal. No need to elaborate!

That is, of course, unless you fly first class. First class has all the space you could wish for. Endless amounts of glorious, glorious space! Throw into the mix the free flowing champagne, Michelin starred chefs and comfortable beds and suddenly you can see why some, shock horror, enjoy flying! But you’ll have to dig deep in those pockets, and then some, if you want to fly in style. As Canadian website Flightfox have recently discovered, with the release of their list of the best first class in-flight cabins from around the globe.

Crowned King of the skies for their first class suite was Singapore Airlines. Passengers can expect to be served Dom Pérignon and relax on a spacious armchair, all in the comfort of their very own private space. With the sliding doors to this suite, passengers can retire in solitude and luxury. Gone are the days of a stranger falling asleep on your shoulder or, even worse, having to make small talk with them. Perish the thought! A flight from Singapore to Mumbai in the Singapore suite will typically cost around GBP 2,053 (or roughly SGD 4,255). 

Second place was awarded to Cathay Pacific first class suites. Rated highly for its five star food and drink service, a bag of nuts in economy is never quite going to measure up again. Their superior service sees passengers sipping on Krug Grande Cuvée champagne and having their toast and eggs cooked to exact specifications! Flying first class from Hong Kong to Taiwan with Cathay Pacific can cost around USD 713, equating roughly to HKD 5,527. Perhaps a slightly less VIP price than Singapore Airlines!

Also featuring in the top ten was Japanese airline ANA and Dubai airline Emirates. Whilst ANA provide caviar, Emirates offers a chauffeur limo service to the airport and an in-flight shower. Passengers receive the full rock star treatment!

However, it seems Etihad Airways may have just one-upped all of these airliners altogether! The company recently introduced its new private first class suite, which is being launched this December. ‘The Residence’ consists of a lounge, double bedroom and ensuite shower complete with a Savoy trained butler and personal chef to create anything you desire! But, ultimately, the grandest thing of all about the Etihad first class suites are the tickets themselves – prices start at USD 20,000 for one or two people!

Talk about taking first class travel to new heights!


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