Alibaba: An online shopper’s paradise?

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Ah, the internet. Where would we be without it? All hail the powers above for its creation. It’s the lazy person’s guide to being. From arranging our social life (Facebook) and affairs of the heart (Mysinglefriend) to receiving our news (Twitter), it’s even changed the way we send money abroad (cough, FTT Global, cough).

All in all, the internet is an absolute blessing. Especially when it comes to shopping! No more petrol or parking required. Tedious trips traipsing around the shops looking for an outfit or product are a thing of the past. These days, a quick search on Google is more likely to help us find that perfect something at the click of a mouse. Even better, it’s so much easier to save some Pounds and discover a unique buy!

I, for one, love nothing more than seeking out a bargain online. Along with trashy television shows, internet shopping is my favourite pastime. So having heard through the grapevine that online Chinese retailer Alibaba was a Mecca for unusual bargains, I had to investigate.

‘Ali-what-what’ I hear you say? Until this week I too was unaware of the company. However, if you keep abreast of the news it’s been hard to escape Alibaba’s name since it announced plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. Described as China’s answer to Amazon and eBay, the site sells pretty much anything you can think of.

Armed with my nifty online shopping skills, and a catalogue of experience hunting for gems on the web, I waded through the Alibaba site on a designer bag mission. And it wasn’t long before I made a great coup! Luxury American brand Coach typically sell their handbags for hundreds of Dollars. On Alibaba I unearthed a black Coach tote bag which was available to buy for USD 8 – 26. Albeit, it wasn’t from their latest collection and I’d be expected to wait a dreaded 35 days for it to arrive here in Britain, but it was a Coach handbag all the same!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to uncover some more bargains to add to my wardrobe. Here’s hoping I stumble across a GBP 10 pristine condition, current season Victoria Beckham dress (a girl can dream)!  


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