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Whether you’re a new FTT Global client or a long-standing customer, it’s always nice to know a bit more about the person you’re in contact with over the phone and via email.

Hayley Lawrance is FTT’s Senior Payments Controller and your first point of contact for all of your payment-related queries.

“You can make a  payment any time that’s convenient for you, simply by using our online booking system. When you transfer us your funds I will send you an email to let you know they have arrived and ensure your purchased currency arrives safely at your chosen beneficiary account. Track your payment using your online account from start to finish, we’ll also update on the progress of your payment via email”.

“If you’re unsure that the beneficiary account details you have are correct, email them to me on [email protected] and I will check these for you. It’s vital that we don’t send a payment with incorrect account details because the funds will be bounced back to us and this can take a while, not to mention the fee the receiving bank could possibly take!”

Hayley’s Top Tips:

  • Always use an IBAN and Swift Code when sending currency to the UAE as they no longer accept account numbers.
  • Friday is not classed as a working day in the UAE so their banks will not process any payments on this day.
  • Euros, Pounds Sterling, US and Canadian Dollars are a same day payment if we receive your funds by midday.

Hayley Lawrance, FTT Global.


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