Working Abroad? Save on your Overseas Salary Transfers!

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Are you working overseas and paid in a foreign currency? If you have been using your bank to handle your salary transfers, it’s likely you will have lost a lot of money through poor exchange rates and high fees.

Banks are typically known for over-charging but the good news is, now you’ve found FTT Global you can keep far more of your hard-earned cash!


How do you Save me Money?

We simply keep our margins low. This means we are giving you a much better exchange rate than your bank and the only fee we charge is £10 for payments under £3,000. We give you a fair, transparent service where you can see the exact rate before you book and track your payments online, 24/7, from start to finish. FTT Global offer a highly competitive currency transfer service across dozens of currencies spanning countries across the globe.

Managing your Overseas Salary

Many of our existing clients, who transfer their salary overseas through FTT, choose to use our AutoPay Service.  It’s completely free and will save you time and money on every payment you make. AutoPay will save you money whether you’re sending money overseas or receiving foreign currency payments.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pass our bank account details onto your employer, along with your unique reference so they can transfer us your salary.
  • When your funds arrive, we will make the conversion into your chosen currency and send your salary to your nominated overseas bank account.
  • Alternatively, when your funds arrive you can login and make the booking yourself.

We keep you in the loop the entire time by sending you a confirmation email anytime we receive or send funds for you.  You can also use your online account, 24/7, to make bookings or track your payments at your own convenience from wherever you are in the world.

Getting Started

Find out how we can help handle your salary transfers by contacting our UK-based Support Team on [email protected] or call us +44(0) 203 603 8940.


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