3 Tips for Making an International Payment to a Loved One

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You’ve opened your FTT Global account to make an international payment to a loved one abroad. Whether this is a family member or friend, FTT gives you peace of mind knowing your funds are going to arrive where you need them, quickly and securely.

We understand that you want the process of getting your money from A to B to be a simple one. This is why we’ve designed our new online system to be very straightforward.

But don’t worry, if you do have a question no matter how big or small just get in touch. We’re available around the clock by telephone and email.

Here are 3 helpful tips for sending international payments to a loved one:

  1. Beneficiary account details – make sure you get the account details exactly right.
    I can’t stress enough how important it is to use the correct account details for where you want us to send your money. If your payment is sent with incorrect details, even Mr P Robin instead of Robins, this can be enough for some banks to reject your payment. We then have to wait for the funds to be returned to us before we can send them out again. You really want to try and avoid this delay so getting the correct information is very important!
  2. Getting the funds to us – make sure your bank are sending us the funds using the fastest method available. CHAPS vs. BACS. In plain English, the first means your bank will transfer the funds to us in a few hours; the second will take up to three working days to reach us. The majority of banks will now use CHAPS but if your payment is urgent, we would advise you to ensure your bank is sending us the funds using the fastest method available.
  3. Beneficiary email. Input the email address of the person you are sending your currency to when you are booking the transfer online. Then when we send your payment to them, they will receive a confirmation email informing them the funds are on the way.

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