3 Crazy Exercise Trends from Around the World!

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Summer bodies are made in the winter, or so they say!

Many of us gladly over-indulged during the Christmas period and are paying the price in January, so it’s little wonder that this is the most popular month for starting a new diet and exercise regime.

If you’re lacking in motivation, our 3 crazy exercise trends from around the world might give you the inspiration you need to get going!

CrossFit: California

Crossfit is a type of Boot Camp that has been around for years and has recently become the new trend in exercising. Founded in 2000, it combines high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, power lifting and gymnastics.

Poi Dancing: New Zealand

Poi Dancing originated in New Zealand but has caught on around the world as an alternative form of exercise, with an added boost of colour! It is known as a traditional Maori dance and works the arms and legs with the spinning and throwing action.

Karaoke Spin Class: USA

This American born class is what is says on the tin. A mix of Spinning (an indoors cycle class) and we all know what Karaoke is! Yes, singing your heart our whilst peddling at great speed is now the new “thing”!  Apparently singing helps the get pumping to an optimum level which helps burn fat. Why not?!

Do you take part in any crazy exercises? Let us know in the comments!


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